Night Time Economy

Purple Flag

Purple Flag is an accreditation for towns and City centres that excel in managing the evening and night time economy. Southend-on-Sea has held this accreditation since 2012; the town centre is assessed yearly on its standards, management and good practice in maintain a safe prosperous night time economy.

We are very proud to have been successful in consistently gaining this award and striving to keep up our standards for 4 years. Southend Purple flag status is maintained by a multi-agency team which consist of representatives from the public, private and voluntary sector.

We celebrate our status by treating residents and visitors to our annual Purple Flag Music Festival in October that includes fireworks and live acts performing on outdoor stages along the Southend Seafront.

Night time safety information:

In an emergency always dial 999

For a non – emergency dial 101

SOS Bus – ( the SOS Bus is located in Southend High Street positioned in the town centre by McDonald’s and Marks & Spencer every Friday and Saturday evening.) It is a place to get support, first aid and/or first point of contact for those whose wellbeing is threatened.

Service available Friday and Saturday 9pm – 3am

Travel Safely

  • Always travel in a licenced Taxi – never get in an unmarked vehicle
  • If you use a private hire vehicle, always pre-book through a licenced operator
  • Make sure you have enough money for the fare
  • For Bus and Train times; visit

Drink Sensibly

We want you to enjoy all the facilities available – safely and responsibly. For further information on alcohol safety please visit